Davids Hiring Services is a well-established hiring supplies company which is well-equipped with a complete range of hiring supplies for your every event & function.

Davids Hiring Service was founded in 1993 by Mr Davids, who later handed the business over to his son Craig Davids who personally runs the business and gives the you the 1-on-1 attention as the client.

The company has expanded and is providing hiring supplies and services for social functions, mostly weddings, in his immediate community, to extending it’s supplies and services for a broad spectrum of social, sport, recreational, religious, cultural, corporate and other functions and events across all sectors and towns in the greater Western Cape.

At Davids Hiring we offer everything you need to make your event successful, big or small, for 10 or for 10,000 guests. We have all you need under 1 roof. We service and deliver for weddings, twenty firsts, corporate functions, private party’s, outdoor events and your function or event.

If you are planning a function or event and need equipment, you have come to the right place.